The Players Theatre Short Play & Musical Festival – Boo!

6th Annual Players Theatre Short Play Festival – Boo!  Shows Announced

Week 1: October 13-16
Funny Frights by Kevin Hale
Black Cat Lives Matter Too by Michelle Hartley
Details by Michael Long – WINNER
Ghostblasters by Ali Hussain

Week 2: October 20-23
Funny Frights by Kevin Hale
Seen by Amy Meche
Halloween Dessert by Sean O’Shea – WINNER
Tea Party by Natalie Lifson

Week 3: October 27-30
Push by Daniel Moldovan
When the Skeletons in Our Closets Choke on Candy Corn by Justin Karcher
Shelf of Jars by Corinne Woods
Hotel Catiphoria — Or Beware of Lights in the Distance by Tracey Phalen – WINNER

Line up for the 5th Annual Boo! Festival

October 08 – 25, 2015

Week One: October 8 – 11

“A Ghostly Reacharound” by Kate August & Ruthellen Cheney – WINNER!
“Audition Nightmare” by Patrick Blake
“Chainsaw Mickey” by CC Rumbage
“Disposition” by Evangelos Arabatzis

Week Two: October 15 – 18

“The Wrong Way” by  Patrick McEvoy
“Catchpole” by Michael Long – WINNER!
“Dye It and Exorcise” by Phil Way
“The King’s Last Stand” by June Rachelson-Ospa & Jon Ospa

Week Three: October 22 – 25

“The Devil Tree” by Sean O’Shea & Samantha Kahn – WINNER!
“FEARS” by Leonard D Goodisman
“Purgatory Incorporated” by Anna Mansager
“Ultimate Horror” by Brenda Bell