Interview with a Director: Beth Newberry

head shot 2015

Have you had any of your plays staged before?
I have had six plays staged before, all written by me and about ten others by other writers in various venues in the UK, Canada, Africa, and here. My best experience in terms of my play being staged would be , I wait till Dusk, as it was amazing to have a cultural production in my home town.
What is your favorite working companion? 
Dry white wine or my own signature drink, “get over yourself’, which is grapefruit, gin, and vodka with mint
What’s your favorite part of the process?
Directing and seeing it come together after the first night.  Casting great people who I can relate to and see grow as well.
What’s your least favorite part of the process?
Trying as an actor to get off book for the first time, and the end of the run
Do you identify with any of your characters in your play? Which ones?
I can identify with just about all the characters in one small way or large way.. Its a part of life for me. We all seem to have some thing that has a connection no matter how small, even if its not directly linked to the character, how you reply or think can , or even a comment
If you were a kitchen utensil, what would you be?
A grater, so that I can make all the large things turn into small things, like we all are, in the big wide world, we all play a part 
What is your favorite play?
The crucible is certainly one and is one that I truly want to direct as I know that I would make my staging and direction stand out so much! totally 
What advice would you give other aspiring playwrights?
Write, write and only write what you like, keep it simply and direct , good writing will be better for actors and I always remember lines better when the script is well written! 
Do you have a zombie preparedness plan?  If so what?
Yes I do, and that is to always be the best I can and keep at it , it stops me becoming one, oh and I don’t listen to the news
If you were a mythical creature what would you be? and Why?
A fairy , cause I would float around and pick up pixies to gain land and items
What’s your favorite word?
Babes, I call everyone babes, and its hard to let go
What’s your favorite baby animal?
Hippos hippos hippos , each time and not just babies