We are pleased to announce the selected
plays & musicals for the 2017
Short Play & Musical Festival – NYC
June 8 – 25, 2017
Thur / Fri / Sat at 7p and Sun at 3p


WEEK 1: June 8-11, 2017

Ms Liberty and Her Chastity Belt by Garin Cycholl
Always With Me by Walter Thinnes
The Gentleman Gangster by Stacey Weingarten
Unrepresentable by Linda Ravenswood
Triangle 146 – excerpt from musical by Kevin M. Cotter (music) and Diane Uniman (book & lyrics)

WEEK 2: June 15-18, 2017

Men vs Women by Steve Gold
The Most Lamentable Tragedy of The Bull of Queens by Brian Scanlan
Alpha Betty by Bear Kosik
One of Us by Shelby Smith
James and the Big Apple 2: Unrequited, a Love Story by Eric Fletcher

WEEK 3: June 22-25, 2017

My Fair Bourgie by Stephen Bracco
The Brother by Lawrence Kessenich
The Manhattan Medium by Anne V. Grob
Ladies in Waiting by Miranda Jackel
Football Game by Mark William Butler


June 8 – 25, 2017
The Steve & Marie Sgouros Theatre at The Players Theatre (3rd floor*)
115 MacDougal Street, New York, NY  10012

3 weeks, 4 performances weekly (Thursday through Sunday)
5 plays and musicals featured each week.

THEME:   NYC – Only in New York

New York City is like no other place in the world!  Experience plays and musicals that get to the heart of the Big Apple and explore what makes this town tick.  Unique New York – it’s more than a tongue twister – it is a way of life! 


SPF – NYC June 2016 Play Selection Announced!

Congratulations to the following plays:

Week One – June 9-12
Seasons of the N Train by Kate August
It Began Here by Patrick Blake
The Last Stop by Daniel Echevarria
Stand Clear of the Closing Doors Please by Ali Hussain
Stitches by Natalie Lifson – WINNER

Week Two – June 16-19
Drama by Michelle Felice Hartley
A Bridge Story by Rayze Simonson
Estimated Wait by Kati Frazier
Strangers on the E Train by Ruthellen Cheney –  WINNER
Different Stops by Sean O’Shea
Philena , The lover of mankind by George Cameron Grant

Week Three – June 23-26
The Bard of MacDougal Street by Anne V. Grob – WINNER
Tossed Salad by Fred Rohan-Vargas
F The MTA by Jonathan Rion Bethea
Tourist Troubles by Allan Yashin
“Hell’s” Kitchen by Frank D’Agostino

Week Three Winner of SPF/NYC 2016

The Bard of MacDougal Stret 
Written by Anne V, Grob
Directed by Sharifa Williams

Amy …………………………………… Kelsey Claire
Kevin ……………………………… Dan Moldovan
Waitress ……………………………… Hollis Andrews

Anne V. Grob

Week THree Winner SPF NYC 2016

What happens when a young NYC Shakespearean actor finds himself in an altered reality where he can only speak in rhyming couplets? At once, it seems a way to hone his craft, but when the dust settles, he discovers it offers him the path to his lover’s heart.

Week Two Winner of SPF/NYC 2016

Strangers on the E
Written by Ruthellen Cheney
Directed by Kate August

Jackson…………………………………… Antonio E. Silva
Matilda ………………………………Alissa Simmons

Ruthellen Cheney

Ruthellen Cheney Week 2 Winner – SPF/NYC 2016

Matilda wanted a story where the first memory shared between two people was a kiss on the E train. Jackson ended up with the story of a lifetime.



Week One Winner of SPF/NYC 2016

Written by Natalie Lifson
Directed by Kate August

Isabelle …………………………………… Rebecca Pomerantz
Gypsy Woman ………………………………Jennifer Mergele
Stitch ……………………………………. Byron Eugene Meyer
Kyle ………………………………………………. Dan Moldovan

Stitches by Natalie Lifson

Week one winner of the SPF – NYC Festival 2016

Natalie Lifson is a 17 year old junior at The Pingry School in New Jersey with a passion for writing of all forms and genres. She aspires to be a journalist, a screenwriter, and a showrunner. Natalie has had 3 plays and 1 musical produced by French Woods Festival, will have a musical produced by Midtown International in July, has won over 50 Scholastic keys, many for plays, musicals, and songs, and has written songs for record companies. Currently working on 2 composing teams and 2 film teams.

Her winning play, Stitches, is about a high school student, Isabella, living in NYC,who  discovers a book in n old bookstore that has seemingly popped up out of nowhere. She reads about the life of a boy her age named Stitch, but it seems that Stitch is a real person and the book narrates his life.  Serendipity brings them together in the magical, romantic fantasy.


Week three Winner of SPF/NYC 2015

TED talks NYC by Sarah Fearon in creative collaboration with Director Lizzie Donahue is the week three winner of SPF/NYC 2015

Sarah’s play is a one woman spoof on TED Talks, that gives instructions on how to be a “real New Yorker”!  She should work for the NYC Visitor’s Center!

Sarah Fearon, writer and actor in one-woman show TED Talks NYC

Sarah Fearon, writer and actor in one-woman show TED Talks NYC

Sarah Fearon in TED Talk NYC

Sarah Fearon in TED Talk NYC – week 3 winner

Week two Winner of SPF/NYC 2015

Congratulations to Matt Andrade!! His play “Paper Wedding Ring” is the week two winner of SPF/NYC 2015

Matt’s play allows the audience to reminisce about our childhood as we stood on the verge of our innocence in a playground that set the stage for an adulthood that we felt but could not understand.

Matt Andrade

Matt Andrade, author of Paper Wedding Ring

The production was directed by: Peter Studlo
with props by: Polina Minchuk

The talented cast included:

Abigail Root as Ko-Ko Cola
Matt Andrade as Tato N. Chip

Matt Andrade

Paper Wedding Ring by Matt Andrade

Week One Winner of SPF/NYC 2015

Congratulations to Anne V. Grob!! Her play “Once Upon a Sofa” is the week one winner of SPF/NYC 2015

Anne’s play weaves the whimsy of Shakespeare’s beloved Puck with the realities on NYC living. A young couple living together in a tight NYC apartment, surviving on an even tighter budget, join the ranks of urban decorators who hit the city streets for trashy treasures. An metropolitan midsummer night’s dream!

Anne V. Grob

Week One Winner SPF NYC 2015

The production was directed by: Christopher Carter Sanderson.

The talented cast included:

Roger Yeh as Robbie
Chelsea LeSage as Samantha
Kevin Delano as Puck


Don’t miss week 2 and 3 of the festival!

NYC –  Celebrating Our 5th Season!

Quintessential New York moments, experiences, and beliefs!  5 different short plays each week for 3 weeks.

June 4 – June 21st

The Steve and Marie Sgouros Theatre
115 MacDougal Street – 3rd floor

Click here to read interviews with some of our playwrights!

WEEK ONE: June 4 – 7
Aubergine by Thomas Block
Over Heard by Lilly Bolton
Snitch by Patrick Blake
The Accident by Phil Way
Once Upon A Sofa by Anne V Grob

WEEK TWO: June 11-14
Talks of the Town by Patrick McEvoy
Paper Wedding Ring by Matt Andrade
Measuring Up Constance George
The Poor Door by Leonard Goodisman
Cattle Call by Michael Long

WEEK THREE: June 18 – 21
Benjamin Framelin’s Frame Shop by Sharifa Williams
TED Talks NYC by Sarah Fearon
Petting Zoo Story by Anna Nicholas
Scoot Over by Eli Newman
Which Doctor by Michael Smith