The Manhattan Medium by Anne V. Grob

What was the inspiration for this play?
Since my freshman year at NYU and living in The Village, I have been fascinated with the history of the area and the people who lived here, from the famous and not so famous, artists, writers and actors, to those buried beneath Washington Square Park.

When I read an article about the Long Island Medium’s visit to the Cherry Lane Theatre because it was believed to be haunted, I thought this a perfect story blending the historical and the theatrical.

And I wanted to tell the story within the context of modern day, referencing our current political climate, the struggles of theatre to remain alive, and the passion of those who also honor history and live for the arts.

What do you love about NYC?
How much room do I have to answer that question?! Everything everyone loves about NYC and more—the theatre of course, the museums, restaurants, neighborhoods, parks, architecture, but beyond that, the strong connection to my past and my family history energizes me whenever I’m here. I can stroll by Macy’s and know that my mom worked here during the war, I remember when my parents took me and my brother to see the Christmas Show at Radio City, I recall getting lost in Central Park with my BFF from high school, my drama teacher taking us to see Hello Dolly with Carol Channing, my very first Broadway show, cutting class with my roommate to take the train up to Bryant Park for an anti-war demonstration in 1968, and in more recent years, returning to NY for family events and bringing my daughter here to attend my alma mater. Add all that to the fact that I get to write and produce a play at The Players Theatre SPF, this being my 5th year, is the delicious icing on the cake!

What was your greatest challenge about writing your play?
I wanted the heart of the story to be revealed in a way that the audience could connect to it with intimacy and believability. I took a risk by using the meta elements of creating a site specific setting and breaking the fourth wall. I’m happy to say that my talented director and wonderful cast pulled it off with comedic flair, superb dramatics, and great success! Thank you all for making my dreams come true!